You may add Additional Insureds in the mobile app during or after purchase (but before a policy expires). While you are on the policy builder, tap “Additional Insureds” near the bottom and then tap “Add Additional Insured. You can then search and select the organization you would like to add from our list, or tap “Add New” to create your own Additional Insureds.  

When adding a new Additional Insured, you must include a name or description of the person or organization. You also have the option to include a label for your reference, an email address, a description of operations, and a certificate holderIf you specify a “Certificate Holder” it will appear on your ACORD 25 certificate in the “Certificate Holder” box in the lower left. If you specify content for the “Description of Operations,” it will appear in the “Description of Operations” box on your certificate. 

If you enter an email address, your additional insured will receive a PDF copy of your certificate of insurance and their Additional Insured endorsement, including Waiver of Subrogation and Primary and Non-Contributory status endorsement (as well as policy extensions and cancellations).  

After you have added the Additional insured(s) and entered all relevant informationtap “Save Additional Insured.”  

You may not modify Additional Insureds after they have been added to your policy, but you can add new Additional Insureds for no additional charge by tapping “Additional Insureds” on the policy builder and then tapping “Manage Additional Insureds.” 

On the mobile app: