Eligible Operations

  • Landscaping
  • Lawn & Yard Maintenance
  • Trimming or Pruning Trees Exclusively at Ground Level (No Removals)
  • Pesticide Application (Landscapers Only)

Ineligible Operations

  • Aerial Crop Spraying
  • Bedbug Remediation
  • Fumigation / Use of Gas
  • Grading or Excavating
  • Growing, Cultivating, Storing, Selling or Distributing Marijuana or Marijuana Products
  • Highway or Right of Way Maintenance
  • Pool Construction
  • Termite Inspection or Remediation
  • Use of Pesticides that are not EPA Approved
  • Performing Work over Three Stories in Height (30 Feet)


Add-ons must be individually added to a policy.

Chimney cleaning
Performing work over three stories in height (30 feet).
Concrete construction
Foundation repair.
LPG (propane) connections.
Snow / ice removal
Snow / Ice removal including commercial property or multi-unit residential.
Plastering / Stuccoing
Operations including E.I.F.S. (synthetic stucco).